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Eye Catcher bubble helps draw attention to the live chat button on your website. It’s an unobtrusive bubble which can appear on each page load, on next visit or every n seconds. The configuration depends on your preferences. Eye Catcher works only when modern chat window is enabled in your account and if you use chat button code with scripting on your website. Eye catcher in visitors' browser

Why is Eye Catcher helpful?

  • You see that your customers avoid using live chat. Eye Catcher will draw their attention to this tool and encourage them to start chatting with you
  • Your customers find proactive chat invitations obtrusive, but still you would like to send them an offer to assist. A small bubble will not cover part of your page or interrupt your customers while they are browsing your website
  • You want to make your website more interactive. By offering assistance in an Eye Catcher bubble you show that you are ready to start a conversation
  • You would like to be proactive and show your customers that you are ready to assist. Eye Catcher will help you display an invitation to chat in a small bubble that will appear to your customers while they are on your website.

How to customize Eye Catcher?

  1. Log into your account and follow Account Settings / Eye Catcher page
  2. Enable Eye Catcher
  3. Choose display frequency
  4. Enter the text which will appear in the Eye Catcher bubble
  5. Choose text, background and border colors
  6. Save updates

Can Eye Catcher be the alternative to proactive chat invitation?

Yes, it can be used instead of proactive chat invitations. It appears automatically and looks less obtrusive. If you would like to have your customer directed to your chat without filling out the pre-chat survey, you can enable an option to skip the pre-chat survey and let your customers start chatting with you immediately:

  1. Customize Eye Catcher on the Account Settings / Eye Catcher page
  2. Follow Account Settings / Pre-chat Survey page and check “Skip Pre-chat Survey” option
  3. Check “Start chat immediately after chat window load” option
  4. Save changes
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