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Chatsymbole für die Winterfeiertage

Decorate your website with our live chat icons for winter holidays. In our gallery you will find a rich set of images which will help you add a holiday touch to your website and create a festive mood in your live chat.

In case you would like to have a different set of images on your website pages, you can store them on your server and use our Custom Images Code which allows generating live chat script for specific set of images.

When the holidays are over, you can easily switch back to your original live chat icons by choosing them from our gallery or by uploading to your account.

Sobald Sie sich registriert oder eingeloggt haben, rufen Sie bitte diese Seite auf, um eines dieser Chat-Symbole für Ihr Konto auszusuchen.

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Unsere neuen Chatsymbole für die Winter-Feiertage eignen sich hervorragend dazu, die festliche Stimmung auf Ihrer Website widerzuspiegeln.