Live chat window for your website

Live chat window preview

Embedded and pop up chat window

Provide Support supports both embedded chat window and pop up one. You can enable pop up and set the title for it in your account Control Panel.
Embedded mode is enabled by default. While chatting with your live chat agent, website visitors can minimize it and continue browsing your website. The chat session will remain active in the meanwhile.

Chat messenger size and position settings

Chat window position and resizing

The position for embedded chat window will depend on the chat button position which can be set in your account settings. However, no matter where the chat window is loaded, your customers can drag it or resize to make live chat experience more smooth and pleasant.

Start chat and Offline forms customization

Customizable pre-chat and offline forms

With flexible customization opportunities, you can add fields and create custom drop-down lists on your pre-chat and offline forms. You can also set online and offline chat window titles as well as edit a greeting message which your customers see after clicking the live chat button.

Chat messenger color themes

Rich set of chat theme colors

You can pick the chat window theme and color which will match your website look and feel. A wide range of colors is available for each theme’s palette and you can preview changes before applying them to your account.

Audio file preview

Media files preview

Your customers can preview media files you send them in chat without downloading. It makes the chatting process faster and safer.

File sending

Files transfer

Files can be easily sent with help of special clip icon in the toolbar or simple drag-n-drop.
Learn more about sending files via chat

Emailing chat record

Chat transcript sending

If chat transcripts sending is enabled for your website visitors, an unobtrusive form will appear before the post chat survey and offer your customers an ability to email themselves chat conversation.

Screenshot preview

Screenshots sending

If your customers need to send screenshots there is no need to save files and then transfer them. It is as easy as pasting an image to the chat directly from their clipboard.