Enterprise live chat software for your large business

Looking for enterprise live chat software for your business? Provide Support can offer you not only rich set of features, but also flexible integration opportunities and fully customizable live chat window interface. Powerful tools allow you easily manage your live chat agents and they in turn will enjoy working in convenient live chat operator console. Keep on reading to see how Provide Support can help improve your customer service workflow.

Privacy settings for live chat

Data protection features

Data protection is our highest priority. We offer secure connection in chats and an ability to add a consent checkbox to the pre-chat and offline forms. You can also hide personally identifiable information of your website visitors from the real time monitoring, offline messages and chat transcripts. This helps to comply with general data protection rules and maintain high level of customers' data protection and security. We also do not store chat transcripts on our servers. You can optionally enable their sending via encrypted channel or disable it completely for your account.

Operator Console for desktop and mobile

Powerful live chat operator console

A rich set of enterprise live chat software features allows managing several user profiles from one operator console, displaying real time monitoring results on a geo location map and chatting from a convenient live chat operator console interface. In addition, you can invite your co-workers to chats with customers and chat with your employees right from the operator console.

Remote agents' logout

Forced Logout

If some of your operators forgot to log out of the operator console or you just need to monitor their status, you can do this from your Operators and Departments page. In the admin panel you will see who is online, away or offline and can remotely log out operators who should not be online.

Packages for big companies

Custom payment plans

Need a large number of operator profiles? Just click "More than 10 operators" option while selecting your payment plan. Moreover, you can create any number of operator profiles during your free trial to decide how many you need to provide live chat assistance to your customers.

Bulk operators creation from CSV

Operator profiles import from CSV

If you need to create a large number of operator profiles in your account, with a couple of steps you can easily import operator profile details from a CSV file.

Bulk canned responses creation from CSV

Canned Responses import and export

Canned responses can be exported to a CSV file or imported from it. This way you can transfer predefined replies from one account to another or import a large number of responses. This facilitates workflow and allows you quickly import your internal knowledge base as predefined responses which your live chat agents can use in chat.

IP addresses filtering

Filtering Corporate IPs from Monitoring

If you would like to hide IPs of your employees from the real time monitoring results, you can easily define those IP addresses in the account settings.

Support team configuration

Operators and Departments management

With just a few moves of your mouse you can rearrange your operators or departments by dragging and dropping them in the list on the Operators and Departments page.