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Moving chats with new visitor messages to the top

When you have a lot of chats, it might be difficult to keep an eye on all of them, noticing the ones with new incoming messages in time. To help you with this, we implemented a new option Show chat rooms with new incoming messages at the top.

With this option enabled, the chat room will be moved to the top of the chat rooms list once a new message from the visitor or other chat agent comes. This way your chat rooms will be sorted by the time of the latest unanswered incoming message from top to bottom.

Note that new unaccepted chats still will be topmost.

Screenshot of Operator Console with

New and improved shortcuts

We've changed the assignment of the following shortcuts:

  • Ctrl+R - previously opened the Canned Responses window. Now moves focus to the Canned Responses section in the right sidebar
  • Ctrl+T - previously toggled between tabs in the Info Pane. Now toggles between tabs in the menu in the left sidebar

We've added the following shortcuts:

  • Ctrl+Shift+R - Moves focus to Search field above the Canned Responses section in the right sidebar
  • Ctrl+Shift+I - Inserts the selected canned response to the message input field
  • Ctrl+Shift+M - Sends the selected canned response to the current chat

Other improvements

  • Improved canned responses loading. The agent app can easily load thousands of canned responses without any delays now
  • Improved nested canned responses creation and display. You can now create nested groups of canned responses right from the agent app
  • Preparations for chats monitoring made. As soon as the feature is implemented, this agent app version will start working with it immediately
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