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Welcome our completely redesigned Provide Support app for live chat agents! What's new?

We changed the app layout to make it more user friendly and to keep up with modern application design trends:

  • Left menu bar for faster access to most important sections and options
  • Right side bar to keep essential chat details and predefined responses at fingertips
  • Plenty of space for messaging
Redesigned application for live chat agents

What else?

  • Dark mode. We care about your eyes :) Dark/light mode switch in agent app
  • Advanced app appearance settings. If you have several agent profiles running, you can now distinguish them by color Color settings in agent app
  • Full-size images preview in chat. Just click an image to enlarge it
  • Predefined messages filtering. Start typing in the Search field and get an immediate result
  • More intuitive chat transfer. Just click the Invite button in the chat toolbar and choose the co-worker you want to invite to chat Invite button in chat room toolbar

Ready to try our new app? Please choose the download link according to your operating system: