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For modern websites accessibility becomes more and more important today. User experience and convenience of website usage and navigation becomes priority for many companies. The same requirements are applied to the third party software used by websites, like live chat tool.

Keyboard accessibility and compatibility with screen readers are critical to ensure all users have access to the live chat tool and ability to use it. We at Provide Support focus on the live chat accessibility and do our best to implement all accessibility improvements suggested by our customers.

Keyboard navigation

Keyboard navigation is supported in Modern Embedded Chat Window by Provide Support. Each control can be accessed via keyboard and has a bright outline when it is focused on. This accessibility improvement is very helpful for those users who prefer using keyboard over a mouse or touchpad.

Aria-labels support in chat icons

Aria-labels are used by screen readers when they encounter an object. They read the aria-label text to tell the user what the object is. Aria-labels are supported in live chat icons and will tell the screen reader whether the live chat on a website is online or offline. At present custom aria-labels can be added to the live chat button script manually.

Escape command support

Escape button can be used to end an active chat session and proceed to the Post Chat Survey. For pre-chat survey and offline forms this button is used to minimize the window. This small improvement facilitates live chat experience for those who prefer using keyboard or physically are unable to use a mouse and navigate websites with help of the keyboard alone.

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